Hydroponic gardening Techniques

Hydroponics techniques
There are two main techniques in hydroponic cultivation. The first use of the solution and only use the media. The method uses the solution does not require a hard medium for root growth, just enough with a mineral nutrient solution. Examples of how the solution commonly used technique is the technique of static and flow solution technique. As for the technique the media is dependent on the type of media used, can include coconut fiber, mineral fiber, sand, broken bricks, sawdust, and others as a substitute for soil media.

Apart from the technique used, most places bailout hydroponic made ​​of plastic, but other materials can also be used including concrete tank, glass, steel, wood and other solid materials. The shelter should be kept away from light to prevent the growth of moss in the water nutrient that has been filled.
The following description of some commonly used hydroponic techniques.

Static Solution Technique

This technique has long been known, that since the mid 15th century by the Aztecs. In this technique, sowing crops on certain media can include plastic buckets, basins, cement tanks, or tanks. The solution is usually flowed slowly or does not need to be streamed. If not supplied, then the height of the solution is kept as low as possible so that the plant roots are above the solution, and so the plants will obtain enough oxygen. There is a hole for each plant. Place tubs can be adapted to plant growth. Translucent tub can be covered with aluminum foil, food wrapping paper, black plastic or other material to prevent light so as to avoid the growth of moss in the tank. To produce oxygen bubbles in the solution, can use an aquarium pump. The solution can be replaced on a regular basis, eg every week, or if the solution falls below a certain height can be refilled with water or nutrient solution with new content.

Flow Solution Technique

It is a way of hydroponics done with a continuous flow of nutrient solution from a large tank past the plant roots. This technique is easier to control because of the temperature and nutrient solution can be set from a large tank that can be used for thousands of plants. One technique that is widely used in this manner Flow Solution Engineering is a coating technique of nutrients (nutrient movie technique) otherwise known as NFT, this technique uses an artificial moat made ​​of thin stainless sheet metal, and sowing crops in the trenches. In the vicinity of the trench lines nutritious mineral water that flowed around the plants will form a thin layer which is used as a food crop. Trench made ​​with a very thin stream of water passing through the layers so that enough roots and cause nutrient layer around the root and there is sufficient oxygen to the plants.

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