Informative Article For kids - Why kids dislike the lesson?

Many children who do not like the lesson learn is not just because of difficult or boring. Children do not like to learn more because they are lonely. When children learn , without the assistance of parents, especially mothers, they undergo that activity alone. And we know kids do not like themselves.

It is advisable for mothers to accompany their children to take the time learn. While doing this, you will get two benefits at once. First, you give quality time for children. Second, children feel happy, learning motivation increases and unwitting anchor child feeling safe, comfortable, happy, happy because there mama nearby with the learning process.

When this is done consistently, this anchor will become stronger so that every time children learn  that feels there was a mama nearby, to accompany them and they feel good.

For the mothers, while accompanying the child, you really accompany. Do not accompany the BB while playing or chatting with your friends, especially while watching TV. You should read the book because of the child, you are also being learn together Spend time with a child's learning as fun

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