Minions "Despicable Me'' On Summer 2015

Maginezart- Everyone knows the unique character color yellow? They are minions. An animation Movie that is very popular especially among children figure will be an alien or a cute yellow minions through the popular animated 'Despicable Me' 'According to rumors will release on July 10, 2015. The' Despicable Me 'finally released the debut trailer of the story spin off their own. Illumination Entertainment as a production studio also released the debut trailer.

In the 'Minions', we are told that this cute character has lived in the world long before humans walked the earth. Their goal is to find an employer wickedest that ever existed on earth.

They are for the employer is an easy thing to force these minions. However, due to fad and they are hard to maintain their employers. Start of dinosaurs, vampires until pharaoh had been a mistress. Up to a point, three brave minions, Kevin, Stuart and Bob traveled to New York.

Voiced character of Steve Carrel's Gru is reportedly will still appear in the film along with Sandra Bullock, Michael Keaton and Jon Hamm. Minions will begin airing in the US starting July 10, 2015.

Offical Trailer Minion on Summer 2015

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