Naruto Comic The End and Will Release The Last-Naruto the Movie?

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I'm one of Fans of Nartuto comic and Movie, I am very happy with the film naruto Tells great fighting spirit and dream to become Hokage. But after 15 years of accompanying comic-book world, Naruto Shippuden finally finished. After the fight against Kaguya, impressions Naruto was rumored to be ending any time soon. However, according to rumors Naruto will release a movie with the title '' The Last-Naruto the Movie'' Previously, Anime News Network had mentioned that the manga written by Masashi Kishimoto was completed on 10 November 2014. Two years earlier, Masashi himself has announced that the comic will soon be finished. This is make the Fans sad because they can not follow the comics Naruto again.

Image via animenewsnetwork

But you don't worry because for those who still want to watch this ninja-themed movie, you don't need to worry. Dec. 6, there will be a movie titled "The Last-Naruto the Movie" which will be released in Japan. Masashi himself appointed as the author of the story, character design, and also the head of the supervisory story of Naruto's latest movie. To wait until the next month, you can enjoy 9 movies.

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