The Tallest and shortest man in the world's Meet in London!

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What do you feel when you meet with the world's highest and the bottommost in the world? unique what if they both meet? was amazing and unbliveable!

Men's world record holder for the highest and Shortest Man finally met for the first time. This meeting took place in the "Guinness World Records Day" held in London.

Sultan Kosen who holds the record for Top Male World, finally met with Chandra Dangi, World's shortest man. Equally incised name in the Guinness World Records, the Sultan and Chandra was pleased to finally meet face to face.

an award from the Guinness World Records gave the honor of Sultan Kosen as Top Men's World August 2009. At that time, the high man who was born on December 10, 1982 reached 2.43 meters. When measured again on 9 February 2011, the tall man from Turkey has reached 2.5 meters.

and While for the Chandra Dangi, has been named the World's Shortest Man height 54 cm. The man from Nepal that replaces record Gul Mohammed, the World's Shortest Man who died in 1997 ago.

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