Top 5 Smartest Animals in the world

Intelligence is not only owned by humans, but animals also intelligence, but with a different human Talking about the smartest animals, maybe there will be differences of opinion.
The following a list of Animal intelligently you could probably make reference as knowledge below can be used as a reference to determine what animals are considered to have a high level of intelligence.
Here are :

1. Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees topped the list of most intelligent animals in the world.
Chimpanzees has a way to communicate and problem-solving skills are better than other animals, if viewed in terms of the communication of humans, chimpanzees are very familiar and friendly.
Sign language that is used by chimpanzees are able to communicate efficiently applied, especially when friendly with humans. Maybe you've watched several Movies and actors are Chimpanzees? what do you think?
Primates this can be combine different symbols and creating a language to communicate with each other.
Chimpanzees quite organized in a variety of activities that they do. They were able to prepare the tools once used for hunting.
Qualities such as self-awareness and empathy appear in chimpanzees.
Being territorial in nature, chimpanzees showed behavioral characteristics of ownership.

some people who claim they are a genius and others said that their intelligence only equivalent to a 3 year old human child.

But at least there is one area where chimpanzees are smarter than humans, that photographic memory. A study by the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University proves young chimpanzees have an amazing memory capability for numerical memories, even better than human adults tested with the same case and follow the same procedure.

2. Pigeon

When people need some kind of maps and compass to find their way home after a long journey, pigeons can return from very long distance (over 1,100 miles) without any guide.

Actually, they had some help. According to research by the University of Frankfurt, pigeons have iron-containing structures in their beaks, which help them sense the Earth's magnetic field independent of their motion and posture, which could determine their geographic position. Results released this year shows the magnetic charm is present in other birds.

In ancient times the pigeons known as "postman" as reliable in sending the letter. Beginning, at the outbreak of the second world war, pigeons took part in helping the communication nets in the battle scene. Their duties quite important, that brought from the baseline to the battlefield. From this event pigeons were trained to deliver the letter and act as a postman, hereinafter referred to as the carrier pigeon.

3. Dolphin

Dolphin is water mammal included in the list of intelligent animals.
Advanced techniques of communication used by dolphins. Dolphin communicate 'mind' them through sounds such as clicks, whistling, or making sounds like 'eee'.
In addition to communicating efficiently, dolphin also an efficient hunter being able to organize a group to trap maker for prey. Dolphin can follow the instructions given by humans. They are also able to solve the puzzle and work in teams with other dolphins.
We can see them surfing, racing, jumping, spinning, whistling and enjoying themselves. They are easily trained because they are classified as animal-friendly, and do what is commanded by man with agile. They are also a favorite animal in a circus ring. Dolphin uses tools in their natural environment similar to that of orangutans, dolphin in Australia use sponges to protect the snout when foraging on the ocean floor.

4. Elephant

Elephant is intelligent giant animal Those quickly learn, be able to follow human commands. Maybe a giant body a little problem to be fast, but the brain save the memory very well. Even an elephant can save the memory for years.
If someone is injured elephants in the past, this is almost never forgotten by elephants and remains embedded in their memory.

Similarly, the elephant will always remember his fellow elephants or people who have a good effect.

5. Dog

Dog is a one of the intelligent animal. They are easily trained and understands basic commands such as sit, lie down, shake hands, catch a ball, and so forth. They also understand the expression and tone of the human voice. Dogs can be trained for the task - a difficult task, even to go to the toilet a dog can do. Dogs are very reliable in terms of track, this is because dogs have nearly 220 million smell-sensitive cells terhap smell. Those become loyal companions farmers protect crops from animals - other animals, they can also be trained to herd the cattle, a guide for the blind.  Reviewed from many references and sources!

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