What's function balcony for your home?

The balcony has a function to see the beauty of the city or the building from above. we can see a wonderful view from the balcony of our home, not only that we can also take the time to plant some flowers or ornamental plants.

  balcony idel is the length, width, and height. The standard size is calculated based on the minimum standards movement of people. Because of its location on the upper floors, a balcony also have to standards the extra power. Standard strength among others to avoid when people on the balcony of an accident.

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What are the functions of the balcony for your home?

1. Function balcony as painting scenery

One function of balcony is to enjoy the scenery widespread because it is located on the top floor, the balcony has a wider viewing window on the floor below. This makes the balcony as the perfect place to enjoy the scenery the environment around the home.

2. As creativity plant location

For those of you who have a narrow and confused home location to plant flowers or plants, the balcony is the solution for you. you can plant any flowers and plants.

3. For Relaxing from a busy place

For those of you who are very busy with office work, maybe you should try to enjoy the beautiful view of and fresh air from the top balcony of your home.

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