4 Hollywood celebrity Faced As Figures Walt Disney

Everyone love with Disney, but did you knew that there are some faces that are similar to celebrities disney.
If you have such a face that resembles a Hollywood celebrity may already become commonplace. But what would happen if it has such a hollywood celebrity faces that resemble cartoon characters like walt disney? Yes, it would be a unique case and the other from the other.

In fact, the four celebrities that consists of actors and actresses it does have a face resembling the Walt Disney characters. Who are they?

Megan Fox - Evil Queen Snow White

Has a tapered shape cheeks, sharp eyes and face firmly make beautiful actress Megan Fox has a resemblance to the evil queen filmed character Snow White. Similarities increasingly visible when Megan uses dark red lipstick which he combined with solid black eyebrows.

Jake Gyllenhaal - Flynn Rider

For those of you who have time to watch the cartoon Tangled, then you will see the resemblance is owned by actor Jake Gyllenhaal with Flynn Rider character in the film. The resemblance is very visible from the shape of the eyes and strokes smile owned by Jake and Flynn.

Dove Cameron - Rapunzel

Still in the same cartoon movie titles, likeness was clearly visible on Dove Cameron actress with starring in the movie Tangled Rapunzel.

Michael Ealy - Prince Naveen

Actor Michael Ealy has a similar appearance with Prince Naveen character in the film The Princess and The Frog.

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