5 Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Top Best and Expensive Coffee in the World
For coffee lovers, the price is not problem. As long as they get to experience they never feel out of regular coffee, they do not hesitate to spend money to millions. Enjoying expensive coffees have their own art. You certainly do not want a glass of coffee that cost exorbitant said simply not? Coffees such exorbitant there are several kinds, but here's 5 most expensive coffee ever found. 5 Most Expensive Coffee in the World

1. Kopi Luwak: ranging from $ 115, - up to $ 590, - per 500 grams

Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world. Kopi Luwak comes from coffee beans are eaten by Civet but they could not digested properly. Coffee beans are still shaped coffee issued with their feces. This complex process is the cause of the high cost of this legendary coffee. Until now, Indonesian Luwak coffee is famous for its taste is very delicious.

2. La Esmeralda: $ 100, - per 500 grams

Coffee is known as the 'Esmeralda Special'. Coffee beans produced in plantations Esmeralda Jaramillo, western Panama. The taste is intense and powerful is the result of a cold climate and harvesting coffee beans are very cautious.

3. Coffee St. Helena: $ 80, - per 500 grams

This coffee is a small island of Saint Helena products. This coffee is made from the type of 'Green Tipped Bourbon Arabica' coffee beans that exist only on this island. As you enjoy this coffee, you will feel a little taste of fruit in each gulp

4. Coffee Fazenda Santa Ines: $ 50, - per 500 grams

This coffee comes from Minas Gerais, Brazil. This coffee is produced on the farm Fazenda Santa Ines farm in the traditional way. Taste that is identified with the sweet taste of caramel and berries.

5. Blue Mountain Coffee: $ 45, - per 500 grams

This coffee is produced on the east side of the Blue Mountains, Jamaica. Blue Mountain coffee is famous for its mild taste without bitterness. Coffee beans are also commonly used as a base material processed Tia Maria liqueur.

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