6 Most Unique Snack around the world

Do you like snacks? Snacks are commonly enjoyed when someone is hungry but can not eat a heavy meal. Snacks are also favored by many people because of the ease of taking it. Not complicated, do not need to be in a special place. However, dare you to try some of the most bizarre snacks in the world below?

1. lollipop scorpion

I wonder what purpose this one lolipon maker. He deliberately put the scorpion in a lollipop. It is unclear whether the use is a scorpion scorpion dead or alive. However, dare you try it?

2. Ice Cream Wasabi and Ice Cream  Chicken Wings

Ice cream is derived from the Japanese one. In Japan, wasabi is commonly used as an adjunct while enjoying sushi. It was spicy. Well, so you can imagine how strange ice cream instead of this one. Not to mention the ice cream is made from chicken wings. Ice cream flavor of the meat?

3. Laver bread

Laver bread consumed many communities of Wales, UK. They cultivate a type of seaweed that is salted to be mixed together bread.

4.Deep Fried Tarantula

Food is only suitable for those who like a challenge. Of course. This Snack uses raw materials tarantula, a kind of spider with deadly poison, for later dry fried and eaten with sauce.

6. Raw Herring Sandwich

Not much different from the sushi, raw meat sandwich using herring as complementary. Completely raw. Only given a little extra onions and mayonnaise.

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