Amazing Pictures of Earth from Space

1.Mineral layer at the Rainbow Range, British Columbia

From space, the Earth looks like a blue marble that rotates counter-clockwise. Blessing advances in technology, revealed another form of human planet.

Some spacecraft perpetuate the Earth's surface from space in more detail, including the WorldView-2 and WorldView-3 belongs to a top company DigitalGlobe advanced commercial satellite.

The satellites has resolution so sharp, to the point that the United States Government has banned a number generated images published to the public. Not all images passed. the center of Kiev, Ukraine became a combat zone

From hundreds of kilometers above the Earth's surface, it looks abstract chaos, similar as in the computer game SimCity.

DigitalGlobe said, government agencies can use satellites to track the movement of the masses, by monitoring changes in the crowd and tents, find out where the blockade placed, and indicators of the potential for escalation of violence.

3.loss Antarctic ice layer region

Parts of the Antarctic ice loss layer, an average of 6.1 billion tons per year. Satellites are able to track climate change through the melting glaciers, rising sea levels and extreme weather.

Ice sheet and glacier edge - continues to shed. Shrinking glaciers and washed away more ice into the ocean around.

4.Heat waves and wind Santa Ana

The heat wave and the Santa Ana winds fanned the fires in the state of California, USA. Activity college at California State University in Camarillo Campus also had to be stopped temporarily. Because the flames and thick smoke creeping to get there.

5.Factory in China

Satellite images perpetuated thick smoke coming out of chimneys giant power plants powered by coal. Mixed with other pollutants, pollutants interfere with breathing citizens in major cities in China. Triggering 'airpocalypse'.

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