Choose Sofa Minimalist for Small House or Living room

Sofa is an element that could be considered mandatory in a dwelling. In addition to giving comfort to the guests who come visit, the sofa can also be used for a place to relax with family or simply to watch television.
For small-sized house, the selection and placement of the sofa should be considered. Here's how to select and place the sofa.

If you want to look nice sofa, sofa design should be adapted to the interior design. If the living room minimalist design, choose a sofa with a minimalist design as well. This will give an impression of space even though the room is small.

For the living room, sofa placement should combine rectangular sofa with sofa-shaped "L" (subject to availability of space). Choose sofa with a coating made of leather or cloth plain, without motive or pattern. If you want sofa with a pattern, choose a geometric motif.

To sweeten the look of sofa, you can equip it with brightly colored cushions are arranged in rows. Besides adding comfort, color contrasting pillows can also be accents that make the room feel more dynamic.

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