Color Hairstyle Popular Hollywood Current

as a celebrity, style of dress and appearance they are often the public spotlight. Compared with the style of clothing that is often different to personal taste, style celebrity palng copied many of his fans, especially the color of the hair. Hair Color Popular Hollywood Current

Strawberry Blonde Amy Adams

Color Strawberry Blonde belongs Amy Adams is attractive. Not only that, according to Warren, this hair color can indeed highlight the color of the eyes, so attention will be concentrated in the upper body.

Bronze Ala Jessica Biel

Model loose curls with golden hair color is regarded by many women this area according to the taste and the color of their skin. "Model and Jessica hair color suitable for young and middle aged women," said Leslie.

Ombre Ala Beyonce

In New York, honey brown hair color as yours Beyonce experiencing high demand. Rita Hazan, owner of The Rita Hazan Salon that many clients dealing with the executive in the city say that Beyonce is the name most often mentioned by clients when they wanted to change hair color.

Ombre or honey brown color as the wife of Jay Z has a smooth gradation and soft, with a slightly edgy style cuts.

Rose Gold Ala Molly Sims

Rose gold color is indeed may highlight the beauty of the women of the South are generally paler skinned. Look at the example on the star Victoria's Secret.

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