Hydroponic Gardening Easy and Fun!

hydroponic gardening
Want to gardening, but your land is limited? Please try hydroponics system. In addition to not have to get dirty with soil, crop production could be higher.
Farming systems hydroponic style more and more selected because it is the cultivation of plants without soil media. Farming systems are more likely to use water as the main source of nutrients is usually conducted in the green house. Because the ecosystem factors can be more easily controlled so that the risk of weather effects can be minimized. The initial idea appeared in hydroponic gardens
around the limitations of land, time, and the way of maintenance.

In addition to water, other medium that can be used in hydroponic farming system this is water, gravel, sand, sponge, or gel. While plants that can grow with hydroponics system was also many types. "The commonly grown using hydroponics systems generally are plants living pharmacy, vegetables, and ornamental plants.
Many benefits can be obtained with hydroponic gardening system. Among other things, the production of higher plants, more secure from pests and diseases, the plants grow faster and more efficient use of fertilizer, if any dead plants, can be easily replaced with new plants, and the plants give results
continuous. Quality of leaves, flowers, fruit or even more perfect and not dirty. In addition, the process is also much easier, does not require a lot of cost and time.

Because the benefits and easy maintenance, this system has been implemented in high-rise buildings, modern shopping places, and in the apartment. In addition, the placement of plants in the building that no air circulation is also aimed at preventing the sick building syndrome.

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