Live Update QZ8501 AirAsia Found

At 20:13 pm

Total has 7 passenger Plane AirAsia QZ8501 bodies have been found and evacuated by a joint team of search and rescue (SAR). 2 bodies of whom had flown in from Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan, to Surabaya, East Java, to be identified in more depth.

Deputy Operations Basarnas Major Gen. Tatang Zainuddin said, the possibility of a new 5 more bodies will be flown to Surabaya on Thursday, January 1st, 2015 tomorrow. "Tomorrow morning the possibility of five new bodies could be flown into the city," said Tatang.

At 19:51 pm

The survey team consisting of Indonesian Association of Surveyors and Marine Contractors Association Survey Indonesia will lower the robot ROV seabed types Karimata Strait. This robot will take visual data such as photos and videos in a place that is thought to be the point of the crash.

At 18:36 pm

A survey team in the Association of Indonesian Marine Survey Contractor dispatched to the Strait Karimata, Pangkalan Bun, Kotawaringin West, Central Kalimantan, to help search for the fuselage AirAsia QZ8501.

At 17:03 pm

2 bodies of victims of the collapse of AirAsia Plane QZ8501 taken from Juanda International Airport, Sidoarjo towards Hospitals, Surabaya. All copyright via news.liputan6

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