Living Room Interior Design Focus

The living room is one of the most important elements in the home and the living room is also used for a family who live in the largest living space environment, also home to the center of activity, its main function is the family living room, watching TV, listening to music, family members gather to talk and so on. Living room furniture interior configuration, especially sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, bar cabinets and accessories. Due to the use of multi-functional living space, large area, activities and more, feature-oriented alternately with each other, so that the design of the bedroom and other living space should have some differences, the design must take into account the full use of the flexibility of space environment, the focus site renovation . Arrange furniture design configuration should give full consideration to divide the flow lines and functional navigation area. Then consider the accessibility of design lighting color combinations and various other spaces source

Living room decorating design features

Because of the flexibility and large living room area, usually in the form of the partition function in the design of zoning. Usually takes the form of partition locker, artistic wall panels, partition format of flowers, to the desktop off, Smallpox sub-grid modeling, the use of ceiling lighting intensity sub-grid and so on.

Zoning must be a reasonable space has several functions: it is a place for family activities, entertainment, recreation, communication and other activities, but also a social space for receiving guests. Some residential space is relatively large, also have a meal, learning functions. The living room is home, living in the heart of a very high frequency use, easier to use various functions directly affect the life of the owner of the room to be practical, should be based on their own needs, reasonable functional areas. Living area can be divided using hard and soft partitions distinguish two ways. soft partition with the "advice" to form a space, the use of different decorations, decorative techniques, features furniture, lighting, modeling, and other divides. Such as through a ceiling or a local carpet and other ways to separate the different areas. Furniture, furnishings mode can be divided into two categories: rules (symmetric) and freestyle. Small furniture space appropriate to focus primarily a space-based spread. Large rigid division is a relatively closed space into several areas to achieve different functions. Mainly through the partition, furniture sets, from a large space in the small room to be independent.

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