Money Coin Auctions With World's Most Expensive Price

1. Flowing Hair Dollar

Flowing Hair Dollar is a type of coin was first issued and printed by the US government in 1794 ago. If seen from the size, then you will be reminded of the Spanish dollar that has been celebrated in many parts of the world. In fact, when it is able to stop Dollar Spain to the American market. Flowing Hair Dollar created by Robert Scot in 1975. Then replaced by Draped Bust. In 2005 the past, the past coins are then reproduced and sold exclusively by the price reached $ 7.85 million. With the fantastic price, would not be surprised if the Flowing Hair Dollar referred to as the most expensive coin in the world.

2. The 1993 Double Eagle

The order of the most expensive coin in the world fell to the 1993 Double Eagle. Coin were printed with a very limited edition of this ever reach the highest price when auctioned at an auction coins held in the United States. 1993 Double Eagle was first printed in 1933 and successfully bought at a price of USD 7.59 million. Unfortunately, at the end of 1933 Mint stopped making gold coins, 1993 Double Eagle coins were then used as a symbol of global economic independence in the 20th century.

3. Edward III

In Spink auction, gold coins printed in the mid 20th century is listed as the third most expensive coin in the world. The price reached USD 6.8 million, . Edward III was known as a kind of coin that has a layer of double florin. Edrward III is the most tershoro coins in the period 1343-1344 time ago. But until now, only 3 coins of Edward III who had been known to exist.

4. The 1804 Silver Dollar

Holders of the fourth sequence number of the most expensive coin in the world is the 1804 Silver Dollar. In 2001, a collector managed to get it at a price that is very fantastic, namely The real USD 4.14 million, dollars premises. 1804 Silver Dollar has a history that is so unique. Therefore, this money was much sought after by collectors. 15 examples of money from the 1804 Silver Dollar coins have been found and have different categories. Category I is the 1804 Silver Dollar printed in 1834. While the two coins fall into the category of which 2 were printed in 1858. And the other six coins fall into the third category are printed in 1860 ago.

5. Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is a coin that has the largest size in the world. Because it weighs only 100 pounds! Queen Elizabeth II specially printed by the Royal Canadian government and never included in the auction list. Coin are then successfully purchased at a price of $ 4 million dollars.

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