The Names of the Most Beautiful Flowers On Earth with Photos

1. Sakura Flower

Sakura is very beautiful typical Japanese Flower At bloom, views presented would be amazing. The most beautiful colors of the flowers are white and pink. Even during the fall and lay on the ground, the view presented by this interest would be great.

2. Colorado columbine

This Flower grows in the highlands of the Rocky Mountains, above an altitude of 14,000 feet above the ground. These flowers will greet you once you got past that level.

4. Hydragea

Beautiful is not it? Like a snowball in the fall. Group of star-shaped flowers with soft pastel colors, showing innocence, and often appear in the wedding bouquet.

5. Lily of the valley

The Flower appear in spring in the four seasons. Flower Lily of the Valley is an inspiration from some of the legends, such as the Christian legend says that the tears of the Virgin Mary who fell in the Cross of Jesus transformed into this flower. Or legend which says that this interest arises from the blood St. George who fought against the dragon.

6. calla lily

beautiful Flower fascinating and elegant, but did you know that _ flower is very poisonous, even kill people and animals?

7. Bleeding heart

Beautiful little Flower as derived from _ fairy world is a flower that has always chosen to adorn the shady garden and fresh.

8. Lantana

Delicate flower with pink and yellow petals, is a butterfly magnet. This flower bush can grow large and petals color will change according to the age of the plant.

9. Blue bells

In the spring, a lot of forests in Europe that suddenly seemed to have a purple carpet, which is none other than This flower. Blue Bells considered to symbolize loneliness and regret.

10 Rose

Probably the first flower that will be known by everyone in the world. Symbol of romantic feelings with color and smell fragrant, providing a variety of significance for each color of rose there.

11. Oriental poppy

This Flower is a perennial flower with soft shapes and bright colors fascinating. After growing in the spring, the lids off, but as soon as the autumn rains come, the petals will re-emerge

12. Dendrobium

Dendrobium is a type of tropical orchids. Once flowering, interest groups that there is always soft and perfectly formed, so it looks magical for the audience.

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