The Plane Lost and Never Found Back

1.Boeing 727-233

In 2003, a Boeing 727-233 registered with number N844AA takeoff Quatro de Fevereiro Airport in Luanda, Angola. The plane flew without any communication between the pilot and the control tower. The plane took off without permission is suddenly disappeared from the radar and not seen again until now. Investigation by the FBI and the CIA was not able to find the answer.

2.Cargo Varig Brazilian Airlines

A cargo plane belonging to Varig Brazilian Airlines disappeared in January 1979 shortly after taking off from Narita International Airport in Tokyo. Though the plane carrying 153 paintings worth $ 1.2 million. Both aircraft, crews, and the painting was missing was never seen again until now.

3.Aircraft Flying Tiger Line 39

One of the enduring mysteries in aviation history is what happened to Tiger Line 739 aircraft in 1932. The US military aircraft that took off from Guam, the Western Pacific never reach the destination in the Philippines. The plane did not issue a distress call and the rest of the aircraft debris was never found. Some say the plane exploded in the air, but was denied by the board of US airlines.

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