Very unique, Hospital for Dolls

Did you knew really doll also require medical? and one of them is a hospital for dolls!
Dolls is a childhood friend of the most loyal. Not infrequently, it is still very dear to adulthood. However, the name of the toy must have a lifetime limit.

Well, for the doll is damaged, it could not hurt to try a visit to the Doll Hospital in Sydney, Australia. Here, the doctor doll repair expert fingers, feet, up your doll's head. The dolls were originally worn to be back as the first purchase.

This Hospital for dolls has existed for more than a century. First established in 1913 by Harold Chapman and is part of a department store (supermarket) hers. Thus quoted from Amusing Planet.

Doll Hospital Sydney is currently run by Geoff Chapman, son of Harold Jr. who continues his father's business with the enthusiasm of a large family. The place that has come down to three generations it has also developed a number of specialist repair services. Each doctor has his own expertise.

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