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Since 2003, Wakatobi district status as a result of regional expansion Buton Regency, Sulawesi Tenggara (Sulawesi). Based on the 2010 Population Census (SP 2010), Wakatobi population reaches 92 922 inhabitants, about 51 percent of whom live in Sub-Wangi Wang-scented fragrance and South, the rest scattered in six other districts. Wakatobi land area of 425.97 square kilometers, so that the population density of just 218 people per square kilo meter. Wakatobi sea area reaches 18 377 square kilometers.

The great thing is that the existence of Wakatobi National Park Wakatobi (TNW), which is better known as Real Underwater Paradise. Conditions of marine resources, including 25 clusters pristine coral reefs, as well as coastal areas of Wakatobi so alluring. No wonder if there is a call TNW as one of the coolest marine parks in the world, so that this region is often used as a platform diving and snorkeling for divers.

Wakatobi been proposed Ministry for the Environment in the field of marine world heritage of UNESCO, as Bunaken National Park (North Sulawesi) and Taka Bonerate (South Sulawesi). In addition, because the Wakatobi has a wealth of biological diversity (biodiversity) then used as a center of excellence for research underwater world. This refers to the cooperation between the District Government with a number of major universities in Europe.

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To reach Wakatobi can through Kendari, then headed Wanci (Capital Wakatobi located in Wangi-scented) using a wooden boat. The departure of the traditional week 3 times a week, that is, from the port of Kendari. Travel time is approximately ten hours.
Another alternative is the Kendari advance through Bau-Bau (Buton Island) through Raha (Muna) using fast boats that depart daily regular twice. The journey time is about five hours. Then proceed with using a wooden boat, heading Wanci, long way to achieving eight hours. Can also be reached via Bau-Bau by first heading Lasalimu, using the car takes about two hours. The journey continues with a fast boat-Wanci route Lasalimu about two hours.info via wisata.kompasiana

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The best time to visit the Wakatobi National Park is from April to June and October to December each year.
For more information, please contact:

Wakatobi Tourism Authority
Jl.Kompleks Office, South Wangi Wangi, Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi
Tel: + 62-85241586505

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