Warren Buffett Back Occupy Position Second Richest Man in the World?

Warren Buffett re-established himself he became the second richest man in the world after the investment company shares he owns, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. reached a record high. Buffett beat billionaire Carlos Slim Mesiko previously occupied the runner-up position.

reviewed via Bloomberg, stock company headquartered in Nebraska, United States (US), it jumped 27 percent this year due to some business companies whose shares are held down by Berkshire in the last five years a significant profit.

"Most of the companies owned by Buffett shares surge," said Warren Buffett's biographer, Andrew Kilpatrick in his email. With the cash the company reached US $ 60 billion, he could make the acquisition issues whenever he wants so that it can boost the performance of the company.

Berkshire Class A shares traded above US $ 200 thousand for the first time last August, after a fairly long rally since the announcement of the company's annual financial statements.

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Since that time, Berkshire shares continue to soar and surpass Carlos Slim. Buffett's fortune amounted to US $ 73.70 billion, US $ 300 million on top of the Slim.
Global economic growth this year is not limited to stem the growth pace of shares owned by Buffett, so this 84-year-old man could end 2014 with a flourish.
In the last month, it completed the acquisition of Duracell battery business from Procter & Gamble Co., the swap transaction. Previously he has also bought Van Tuyl Group, the largest car dealer in America.
Berkshire also intends to provide funding of US $ 3 billion for Burger King Worldwide Inc.

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