AirAsia tragedy Finally Failed direct Contacts Family for a long time did not meet again

AirAsia tragedy Finally Failed direct Contacts Family for a long time did not meet again
No one had ever thought, the new plan year ends disastrous holiday. His wife, Siti Romlah (40) and only child Yasmin Santiago (15) were declared missing in QZ8501 AirAsia plane that brought them from Surabaya to Singapore on 28 December.

Alejandro Santiago, who is a citizen of the Philippines, immediately contacted the embassy in Singapore. He was looking for the truth of information two beloved people in the passenger manifest that fateful plane.

"We got a call from the Embassy of the Philippines to check there are two warg Philippines reportedly a victim," said Philippine Honorary Consular for East Java and Bali, Eddy Surohadi were given the task of following up the allegations to post Ante-mortem, a gathering place for families of the victims.

Once checked, it certainly no citizen of the Philippines is in the plane. However, two family members Alejandro certainly exist in the plane. Eddy also give the sad news to the Embassy of the Philippines who then contacted Alejandro.

Eddy tells the story of his contacts with Alejandro, it turns Siti Romlah and Yasmin want to meet Alejandro who can not return to Sidoarjo despite wandering for 1 year.

On Sunday (12/28/2014) morning, Alejandro already look forward to welcoming both at Changi International Airport, Singapore. Singapore was chosen as a rallying point for a family of different nationalities Alejandro back up to do before heading to the United States.

"Initially, Alejandro buy tickets for his son. He missed going to see, but can not return to Indonesia because they have to America. But for pity if left alone, she participated also be willing to gather new year in Singapore," said Eddie.

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