Article: Computer and friends who understand you?

Computer and friends who understand you?
In social life, to judge someone else's personality is a very important skill, because personality is hidden in people's behavior and emotions behind a key driver. People often judge by personality to make decisions and plans, for example, and who make friends, partnering, who to trust, who or whom to hire as president, and so on. The more accurately determine the outset, the decision to make the back of the more correct.

Before people think, accurate personality judgments from social cognitive skills of the human brain. But recent studies show that computer models can be digitally recorded human behavior, to make accurate judgments of personality Twenty thre . Then, the computer and the human judgment, in the end which is more accurate?

CCP study collected information on 86,220 volunteers. Volunteers were asked to fill in the Big Five personality model of personality questionnaires, and then come to their personality traits in openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism these five areas.

Computer to make judgments is based on personality 70,520 volunteers like face book based on the data points, and the points are believed to praise effectively predict personality and other psychological characteristics of people. For example, to point like a brand or product to represent preferences and buying behavior of consumers; praise music-related points can reveal musical tastes; the point is to represent sites like web browsing behavior. And judging by the volunteers from others friends completed, they need to fill out the 10 projects consisting of personality scales.

The self-assessment by participants compared with the judgment of computers and others, The researchers first examined the self-assessment of these two judgments - he comment consistency (external consistency of judgment and self-assessment). Because self-assessment - he greatly affected the consistency of assessment by the duration and form relationships, so researchers will further "others" into a different small classes, friends, spouses, family members, cohabitants and colleagues.

Like the relationship between the number of points (x-axis) between the computer-based personality judgment accuracy (y-axis) and. The red line shows the average accuracy of the computer on the Big Five personality judgment, the judgment of others is also marked on the accuracy of this red line.Because the average point of the sample of 227 individuals like number to obtain an average accuracy of the computer at this point number like 0.56, which is higher than the average accuracy of judgment from others(0.46)To be higher, but to determine the accuracy with spouse(0.58,This is the best judge the accuracy of others) Similar. In the study, you can see the number increases as the point of praise to determine the accuracy of the computer is also increasing; praise when the number of more than 500 points, you can see the determination accuracy of up to 0.66. Moreover, compared to other personality traits, like a point-based model for openness judge has the highest accuracy. Source: Research Papers

The results show that computer models require only 100 points like data, its accuracy can be more than others average (blue dots); and colleagues judgment friend / cohabitant, family and spouse, compared the computer model requires 10 respectively. 70,150 and 300 points like, you can exceed their accuracy.

Why point used to determine personality like?

The researchers said that the point could represent like behavior, attitudes and preferences. For example, volunteers with high openness tends to Salvador Dali (Salvador Dali), meditation or TED lecture points praise; and volunteers with high extraversion tend to party, Shinu Ji (Snookie, reality show star) or praise dance spot.

Turning the computer to determine a more accurate judgments than human reason, Wu has also explained: "One reason is that there are a lot of computer control and personality-relatedDataInformation;Another reason is that Through models and computerAlgorithm, very rationalHandling These information. In contrast The impact of human cognition may be biased, but cannot deal with these with the best information . Figuratively, we resultsDisplay, like the British drama "Doctor" who are highly introverted; but for the average person,Even if you know your friends watching "Doctor," you may not be able to come to this conclusion . " source

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