Competition Glass & Food : from food safety to recycling

The glass container is the most suitable material for storing food and drinks because it is natural, healthy and pure. The total inertia of the glass prevents fact reactions assignment or absorption with the content, encouraging the better preservation of the organoleptic characteristics, such as taste and smell. The glass is hygienic, because it can withstand high temperatures, allowing the pasteurization and sterilization of the products contained, and is safe, since inviolable and resistant to external agents, is not subject to oxidation-reduction and resists attacks of acids. Its transparency also allows you to control "sight" the quality and state of preservation.

Glass is also eco-friendly material by definition: not polluting because chemically inert and are fully and infinitely recyclable.

The recycling of glass in glassworks, ie the replacement of traditional raw materials (sand, soda, limestone, dolomite, feldspar, etc.) With scrap glass, allows substantial environmental benefits and energy, The use of cullet in the batch, allows to obtain a product with the same characteristics of a product produced with only natural raw materials, ensuring the same conditions of inertia, of hygiene and impregnability.

Recipients and themes
The competition is the fourth and fifth classes of primary school and the first and second classes of secondary school level I of the national territory, from public and private.

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