Dubai New Year's Eve Fireworks 2015 Spent US $ 6 Million

Turn of the year is typically celebrated with fireworks. So is the New Year's Eve 2015 has just finished celebrated overnight. In many parts of the world fireworks organized, either in small, medium, to which countless spectacular.

From a variety of fireworks, it appeared that there was one place where the record as the most expensive fireworks in the world. The place is none other than Dubai, one of the grandest city in the United Arab Emirates.

costs incurred for fireworks in  2015 New Year's Eve in Dubai reached US $ 6 million
As for the number of fireworks provided on New Year's Eve amounting to 500 thousand pieces. Overall, fireworks lasted for 6 minutes.

Not only fireworks are expensive, it turns out, a place to celebrate the feast of fireworks is no less expensive. Burj Khalifa, the location where the fireworks done, is also one of the most expensive building in the world.

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