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May be you have heard the word bullying, what is bullying at school?
Bullying is an incident that is often unavoidable, especially in schools. Bullying is the use of power or strength to hurt someone or a group, a threatening behavior, oppressive and make other people feel uncomfortable. Someone who can be said to be a victim when he treated the negative (intentionally make cuts or discomfort through physical contact, by word or by other means) with a period once or many times even often or become a pattern by one or more people.

Bullying is often seen as forms of behavior in the form of coercion or attempted physical and psychological harm to a person or group who is 'weak' by a person or group of people who perceive themselves more 'stronger'. The act of coercion or harm occurs in a group such as a group of students of the school.
We are all very worried about Bullying actions, especially the parents, where their children away or at boarding school.

Examples of bullying include:

Direct physical contact (asked by force what was not his own, hitting, slapping, pushing, biting, pulling hair, kicking, locking someone in the room, pinching, scratching, also including blackmail and damaging property belonging to another, sexual abuse) .

Direct verbal contact (threatening, humiliating, degrading, disturbing, given the call name (name-calling), sarcasm, condescending (put-downs), denouncing / taunt, intimidate, cursing, spreading rumors).

Non-verbal behavior directly (see the cynical, tongue out, showing facial expressions degrading, insulting, or threatening; usually diertai by physical or verbal bullying).

Non-verbal behavior indirectly (silence someone, manipulating friendships that become cracked, deliberately exclude or ignore, send anonymous letters).

Bullying doesn't always take place by way of face to face but can also take place in the back of a friend. On students, they enjoy when calling his friend as ugly, asked money or food by force or frighten younger students. While a student doing his separate action of the group as well as other measures aimed at setting aside other individuals of the group, and events, it is likely to happen over and over.

Bullies start from; friends, seniors, juniors, teacher, until the thugs that are around the school. The location of events, ranging from; classrooms, restrooms, cafeteria, yard, gate, even outside the school fence.

The impact of bullying behavior.

How can children learn if they are under stress? How could succeed if there are threatened and beat them every day? So it is very fair to say that bullying is very disturbing teaching and learning process.

Bullying is not only a negative impact on the victim, but also on the perpetrators. Bullying, from various studies, was associated with increased rates of depression, aggression, academic impairment, and suicide. Bullying also lower scores on tests of intelligence and analytical skills of the students. The perpetrators of bullying potentially grow as criminals, when compared with children who doesn't doing the bullying.

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