Free Application Process Infographic

Infographic is a delightful world, where technology, visualization, learning and teaching to meet. Like most teachers who teach with technology in the classroom, such as presentations with artistic visualization. But sometimes infographic created by teachers that the students are not as creative. Not only teachers who can make a presentation with attractive design, students can also try to make academic presentations in class with creativity using infographic, so did you when you want to make a presentation during the meeting with the client want any prospective investors.

1. Good Labs
Nothing is easier besides Good Labs. The site includes basic Venn diagram and Pie Chart, but if you are a beginner in the world infographic.

2.Stat Planet

This infographic will be a tool that is very popular and very profitable. Stat Planet is one of the free Infographic Generator that allows teachers and students to get a visual to help the presentation. Online

This one might be able to make the students were surprised with amazing graphics creative. And as the name suggests, this is very easy to use. There are many charts, shapes, and colors are ready you select. In addition, you can also upload your own. Try Here 

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