Hotel of Ice It Be Frozen Film Inspire

Hotel of Ice It Be Frozen Film Inspire
Animated film made by Disney, Frozen, very successful movie lover's attention, especially children. Starting from song to dress Elsa, became the most sought-after children even today.

Where Disney got the idea from the movie? The answer is the Hotel de Glace in Canada.

The hotel, made entirely of snow and ice built by talented artists. Because it is made of ice, the hotel is not able to survive in the summer. This hotel could only stand three months each year.

After that, the hotel will melt and rebuilt the next winter with a completely new design. Therefore, visitors get a different experience once in a lifetime.

This concept is the main inspiration Frozen background story. The hotel also makes the filmmakers Frozen create castle of ice made by Elsa in the story.
After Frozen succeed, filmmakers back to the hotel and found the frozen space themed statue complete with Olaf. resource through

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