How To Choose The Growing Media

How To Choose The Growing Media
Each types of plant have the capacity storing media nutrients, water and air are different. Similarly, the plant, each type needs different living requirements. The following 9 practical guidance choose the planting medium.

Know the types and properties

There are many types of growing media that can be purchased. Each type has its own shape, size and nature scenes. Flake-shaped planting medium capable of storing water longer and in large quantities. Examples bamboo compost. In contrast, the planting medium is cylindrical and spherical easily remove the water, such as the roots of ferns and coco fiber. While the planting medium is round them is poor sand and soil. Grain size also determines the object's ability to store water. The smaller the diameter, the greater its ability to retain water.

Adjust the type of plant

Each type of plants need different types of of growing media. Plants occupants dry areas such as cactus, Adenium, Euphorbia, and Pachipodium be grown using a planting medium that is porous and easy to remove water. Such plants are characterized by the number of leaves few and small. In contrast, types of of plant enthusiasts damp conditions should be planted using a planting medium that is able to store water well. Flora is characterized by a broad leaf size. Such Aglaonema, Philodendron, and Anthurium.

Pay attention to environmental conditions

Selection of planting medium should also be adapted to the environmental conditions. When the weather where you are hot and dry air, are advised to choose types of growing media that have a strong ability to store water. Conversely, if the condition is often foggy weather shelter and moist, it is advisable to choose a porous planting medium. The planting medium as easy mengaliirkan water. Thus making the root system is not too damp and rot.

Recognize plant growth

Generally, the young plants are still in the nursery not need a supply of nutrients from the outside because they have enough food. At that time, you can simply use poor sand, fern roots or coco peat as a growing medium. Media planted with a mixture of nutrient-rich fertilizer newly presented after the leaves have fallen institutions. Or after the first original leaves have grown.

Indoor vs. outdoor

Plants were placed outdoors need more water supply of the plants placed in the room. Therefore, plants outdoors carry fotosintasa process faster than the plants that were in the room. In addition, wind and solar intensity outdoors makes the evaporation rate faster than indoors. Thus, the plants were placed outdoors in planting should wear a planting medium that is capable of storing water in large quantities and for a long time.

In accordance with types of pot

Plastic pots have pores less than earthenware pots. So that the plastic pot can hold moisture better than the planting medium with earthenware pots. However, the number of pores a little it makes aeration in plastic pots are not as good aeration in earthenware pots. When you choose a plastic pot, it is suggested that planting medium used is a simple types of drain water and porous. While growing media for selected earthenware pots that have the ability to store water in a long time.

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