Music effect on human body

Music Effect Against The body is very large response. Classical music has a cathartic function of calming the mind and emotions, and can optimize the tempo, rhythm, melody and harmony regularly so as to produce alpha waves fiber beta waves in the eardrum to provide tranquility that makes the brain is ready to receive new input, relaxing effect, and lull. In general, music unleashed a wave of vibration that can cause auditory stimulus on the drum. Stimulation was transmitted to the central nervous system (limbic system) in the central brain which is memory, then the hypothalamus or central nodes have central nervous system will set everything to associate the music with a particular response.

Music Influence On Human Body

Vibrations of the music that comes from the sound source propagate through the air until received in the outer ear and continues to the middle ear. One section in the middle ear ossicles in the form of bones in the ear, enlarge vibration received up to two times the original size. After going through the middle ear, the trip continues vibrations to the inner ear, in which there is a section called the cochlea, in the form of liquid-filled coil equipped with hairy cell. cochlea convert mechanical energy into electrical energy to then deliver minds around.
For each frequency there is a corresponding neurons. These electrical impulses travel through the brain stem continues to the limbic system, a series of parts of the brain related to emotion. This leads to certain music could make you sad, while others make you happy. Following from the limbic system, the vibration continues toward audiotory cortex. Audiotory cortex has a network of cells, a feature detector, which functions to process music. Presence feature allows individual detector detects the octave, the pattern of increased / decreased, and various other patterns.

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