Preparation Bath for Dog

Preparation Bath for Dog


Before bathing your dog, make sure no tangled hair by combing your dog. For short haired can use a brush to remove or dispose of the feathers off.
Cover your dog's ears with cotton, to prevent water from entering into the ear.


Before washing the dog, make sure you prepare everything you needs at the time of washing the dog and after bathing your dog.
bucket of water
Shampoo / conditioner / whitener and so on
Hairdryer / blower

process of bathing

tie your dog's leash and tie the rope so that the dog can not be running when washing process is underway.
slowly pour your dog from neck toward the tail.
Pour shampoo into hands, and usapkanlah evenly on the dog's fur.
Gently massage your dog's body.
Rinse thoroughly and repeat the above steps with conditioner or whitener.
Slowly Siramlah dog head area, avoiding eye area, nose and ears.
Pour shampoo into hands and apply evenly on the head and face, avoiding the eyes, nose and ears.
Make sure your dog is clean of any type of shampoo / conditioner / whitener and so on.


Dry your dog with a towel.
Dispose of cotton in the stopper in the ear, then wash and dry with a dry cotton new.
Then she combed the dog dry with a hair dryer / blower, make sure the dog hair is completely dry.

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