This is the figure Pilot Air Asia QZ8501

AirAsia airline pilots QZ8501, irianto (53), known as a reliable fighter pilot by his friends. After early retirement, Iriyanto, which is also known as a warm, joined with local private airlines.

Iriyanto began his career as a fighter pilot F-5 and F-16 after graduating from flight school Adisucipto Air Force in 1983. He recorded joined 14 Squadron in the Air Platform rd in Madiun, East Java, for 10 years.
"Iriyanto known as one of the leaders of flying the F-5 Tiger, the main combat aircraft in the 1980s," said Yadi, who never shared with irianto in Squadron 14.

In the mid-1990s, Iriyanto filed early retirement and joined the airline Adam Air, which closed in 2008 after a series of incidents. Iriyanto also been joined by Merpati Airlines, Sriwijaya Airline, and the last with AirAsia.
AirAsia said, Iriyanto has a total of over 20 537 hours of flying hours. A total of 6,053 of which were spent in AirAsia. Meanwhile, the co-pilot Emmanual Plesel Remi, a French citizen, has 2,247 flying hours.

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