Volcanic Eruption will happen around the world at the same time? Article

Volcanic eruption will happen around the world at the same time?
Now, imagine the 1500 volcanic eruption at the same time - this is just the number of active volcanoes on the ground, in fact, plus an unknown number, deep in the ocean volcano. Volcanoes on Earth has a 10-20 day eruption, but scientists believe that all volcanic eruptions on Earth at the same time the chances of success. But if it happens will happen? Earth can now escaped unharmed Mody?

From Radford University, Virginia, USA geologist Pa Buddha Sessi (Parv Sethi) believes that this is probably unlikely. He said that even if only a volcanic eruption on the land at the same time, its influence is enough to trigger a domino effect of environmental change, which was even more severe than the nuclear winter many times (translation: the nuclear winter hypothesis is a theory about global climate change, it predicts a large-scale nuclear war could produce a climate catastrophe). He said: "At that time the earth will become very bad, even if we can survive, I do not want to live in that environment."

Two volcanic hazards worldwide catastrophe is ash and volcanic gases. While the magma explosions and spilling for people living near the volcano is fatal, but then appears and deaths caused by climate change, compared pales.

Plunged into darkness

Cecilia predicts a thick layer of ash covers the entire globe, let the sun can not pass through.

He said: "The Earth will suddenly fall into total darkness, and this will destroy photosynthesis, so crops cannot survive, and cause the temperature dropped." He also said that for 10 years the ash may be present in the atmosphere.

However, not everyone will be profuse volcanic ash. Some volcanoes usually produce only flat lava flows, such as Hawaii's volcanoes. But the US Geological Survey data compiled, 1500 potentially active volcanoes, including behemoths like the super volcano in Yellowstone National Park, they have cast a shadow over the entire United States to make a thin layer of ash.

Biting cold

Sethi pointed out,Even without the crops being buried volcanic ash, acid rain will be destroyed Out. Volcanic gases, including hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide these horrible substances, when they gathered in the high altitude may cause acid rain.Acid rain will further contaminate groundwater and ocean surface, subsequentBring coral and ocean acidification will cause there crustaceans Marine life and death. The extinction of these species will affect the marine food chain, and thusFish and other marine organisms causing a large area of ​​death.

Researcher Has been found that the Earth's ocean acidification occurred in the past, a wide range of species extinction and a lot of volcanic eruptions between Contact -Flood basalts (flood basalts ). This large range of magma tilts proved252 million years ago, and occurred in the late Permian, Triassic, 201 million years ago, and 65 million years ago, the late Cretaceous extinctions related.

Geologist of California, Berkeley Geochronology Center, Paul Ryan (Paul Renne) is the study of rock Year of experts, he said: "Flood basalts And some contact between the extinction event. "

The volcano ash eruption will Shihai, dust and gas together sprayed atmosphere. These particles can reflect sunlight, causing the earth's temperature dropped significantly in a short time. For example the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption, the eruption of the 20th century, one of the two largest volcanic eruption, it makes the temperature in some regions of the world fell by 0.4 ℃ in the next two years.
Wikipedia, List of largest volcanic eruptionsList of largest volcanic eruptions


Volcanic eruptions also release the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, which may be offset by the cooling effects of volcanic ash and atmospheric particles brought. But Cecilia suspects, while 1500 volcanic eruptions may ecosystem collapse the entire planet.

He said: "It's like the gas stove fire at maximum only problem is the same, it will not significantly change the composition of the atmosphere, leading to increased levels of carbon dioxide to make biological point can not breathe But anyway, we are. Will be cooked. "

Sethi of Cretaceous black shale has researched, he said that this happened ocean rocks can record the history of disasters on Earth. Research records show that global carbon dioxide levels soared in the Cretaceous, which led to some marine organisms of all deaths in the region, and blocked ocean circulation. Scientists believe that the late Cretaceous period about 90 million years ago, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is about 2.5 times the current. Wikipedia

"Micro" survival

So what kind of creatures can survive in such a devastating volcanic eruption down?

Sethi guesses: "The Extremophiles will dominate the world. "These microbesOriginallyLiving in extreme environments, such as hot springs in Yellowstone National Park Or deep-sea hot springsThey will not be a major disaster occurring water Impact. "These creatures, they Can carefree doing my thing. "

In addition, you can also try the strategies used in science fiction, so that a small number of people living in outer space, or a bunker built by the government or the local tyrant, the wait for the air to disperse the ash.

But Sethi thinks: "Assuming this is true, better dead than alive." source of article

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