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Tourist - not greedy, tourist - economical
Tips and Tricks for budget travelers from Russian travel-services

Until recently, the phrase "budget tourist" causes a persistent association with the students, hostels, very heavy backpacks and hitchhiking. But now almost any Russian holidaymaker - is more or less saving traveler. For all protracted belt (albeit on a different number of centimeters) "to Lenta.ru" gathered relevant recommendations, which will not make a mess in rubles, euros and dollars.

Consult the calendar

Use public holidays, free to extend precious vacation - a good, though not a new idea. To enhance the effect, it is desirable not only to know the schedule of public holidays for the current year, but also be aware of any traveler's proposals are the most reasonable in different months.

Spring and reboot

February, according to experts tourist service momondo, - a good time for a short vacation in Europe. Of course, not everywhere in Venice, for example, in February, a carnival, which automatically makes tickets to Treviso and other nearby airports excessively expensive, and prices in hotels - Beyond. To the Day of lovers romantically minded travelers, unwittingly, drive up the price of a typical "valentinovskie" areas like Paris and Rome. But in February, out of season in Vienna, Prague or Berlin: no significant events were not scheduled, the prices of flights and accommodation are more than acceptable.

According to experts of tourist service Skyscanner, February - the best month to travel.

If you take a vacation for four days in March, immediately after the public holidays, will rest period of ten calendar days.

Momondo experts believe that the best March elections - the Caribbean. The cost of travel and accommodation in March moderate, and the weather is great - you can get a tan before all colleagues and meet April-May, with a fresh complexion. In general, the same should be said about April.

Charged by solar energy

Go to the May holidays in the Mediterranean - it is always quite expensive, prices from 1 to 4 May and from 9 to 11 May, would greatly increase. Experts advise to pay attention to Kazan (great inexpensive tour for a couple of days), Istanbul (shopping and excursions) or resorts of Krasnodar Krai (for beach lovers there is even out of season, but the weather pleases comfortable 20-24 degrees Celsius).

Given the fact that from 12 to 14 June, the Russians weekend, take a vacation from June 15 will be a wise decision. The only thing you need to hurry up and have time to buy tickets for long-haul destinations in advance, as many who wish to arrange a vacation these days. Incidentally, in March the airline carried out the sale on June flights to Morocco. Also for little money can go in the Crimea until the beaches of the peninsula is not filled by spa (it happens a little later, in July). If you do not want to spend a lot of time on the road and prefer to relax just two or three days, then a good option - a trip to Kaliningrad.

Velvet Season

November - a great opportunity to go to the southern neighboring countries. Holiday falls on a Wednesday, 4 November. Hence, it suffices to take two days off - on Thursday and Friday to gain five free days. They can hold, for example, in Georgia, where it is still warm. Cheap Tickets Travel experts advise to find in September or October.

By the way, according to Skyscanner, planning a trip to the second half of November, the Russians save an additional 18 percent of the ticket price (for comparison - the flight in late December costs 28 percent more expensive than the average price).

Strategists will be in profits

It's no secret that people who are able to plan their lives for six months or more in advance - the most successful budget tourists. According to experts Skyscanner, analyze the results of booking over the past three years, fellow citizens to buy tickets at the lowest price on average for 29 weeks prior to departure (7 months). Experts estimate that such a pragmatic approach saves tourists 12 per cent of the average ticket price, whereas immediately before departure price rose by 15 per cent from the mean value.

Most Russians Booking is 6-8 weeks, and they manage to save only 5 percent of the average ticket price.

However, the right choice of dates and vision - that's not all. There are other possibilities to save on vacation.

Keep abreast of developments

Regularly watching the world news tourists also have yourself a good turn: sometimes saves curiosity. For example, when the South Korean authorities to abolish visas for Russians, "Aeroflot" has introduced promotional fares for flights to Seoul. And when you exit our market Italian company Airone tickets from Moscow - Venice - Moscow sold for 39 euros. Loukoster Wizzair within a couple of months, allowing tourists to ride to Budapest and back for less than 100 euros. Such "rides generosity", as a rule, do not last too long, because it is designed only to draw attention to the newcomer in the market.

Play for exchange rates

Booking flights and other travel services on the Internet and paying denominated in rubles by credit card, you need to make sure that the vendor pointed to withdraw funds in rubles and currency exchange rate on the basis of which the calculation is performed. If the purchase in dollars or euros, the price may rise due to change of course, when a few days later the bank will hold transaction.

Search for alternative aircraft

Sometimes it is useful to find out the cost of travel by road instead of book domestic flights. For example, in the US and many European countries, there is a format of cheap long-distance buses for just one dollar or one euro (for example, this is the megabus.com). But need to buy tickets in advance.

A good solution for travelers who like to visit several points per trip - a cruise that provides you transport, hotel and meals for a reasonable price. For example, if we take tickets ship Riga - Stockholm, you will be able to see both the capital for two days, and spend the night in a cabin.

Stopover and flights with a transfer

Flights to dock inexpensive, but flights with a really comfortable waiting time (a couple of hours between flights) often cost is not much cheaper than direct flights.

If we are to save, better to choose the format of the so-called stopovers (stop-over), assuming a stop at the point of transfer more than a day.

So you can save, take a breath and add to your piggy bank is another new city. Momondo experts believe the most popular cities for stopovers Istanbul, Dubai and Doha. The only disadvantage - luggage, or at least it must be for the night part is likely to have to leave with him, and not to take for shipment to its final destination.

Asia, Unspecified

Fans of Asian countries have long made it a rule: announced discounts on any such direction - urgently take the ticket, even if it is necessary not to fly to the city. You can not miss the chance, because from any airport in Southeast Asia can be easy and inexpensive to move to other countries and cities, buying a ticket for the local flight. Fly through the region best low-cost airlines. The largest - AirAsia (Malaysia Airlines, the main hub in Kuala Lumpur, more than 88 destinations), Tiger Airways (based in Singapore, flies to 80 cities), JetStar Asia (Singapore other "state employees", 21 direction) and Cebu Pacific (Philippine Company airbase in Manila, 60 routes).

Temporary shelter for some time and ...

As far as actually significant differences between the hotels 2 * and 3 *, 3 * and 4 *? Sometimes they are so small that they can be neglected and in favor of significantly different prices. Many travelers are afraid of hostels, but in fact they are not only Dorma six to eight people with shared facilities, but also double rooms with bath and toilet (with stand cheaper than having their star hotels).

On-line booking is often given the opportunity to pay in cash directly to the hotel. Not a bad decision under unstable ruble: it will be easier to calculate the travel budget without unnecessary surprises.

In general, it is believed in Momondo, given the current instability of the ruble credit card abroad is better to use less often. It is worth remembering, the issuing bank shall debit cards with ruble at the exchange rate and usually lays its risks, so the final successful bid price may be higher than expected.

Tourism is still not abandon

How to tell the experts tourist service One TwoTrip, even taking into account that in financial terms the Russians are going through is not the easiest times in recent months, they have not become less travel (experts reported an increase in sales). Changed the preferences of tourists: more internally displaced often fly with transfers, booking cheap. But traveling with almost the same scope. Experts also said that changed and continue to change the direction of top - with remote and exotic to close and simpler (Prague, Berlin, Istanbul). In short, while business and industry, independent travel, and holiday-makers themselves are not too bad. via lenta.ru

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