Prenatal period - a very important before delivery

Prenatal period - a very important before delivery.
Prenatal period is a period of preparation pregnant before the upcoming birth. It begins with 37-41 weeks. At this point, there are many expectant mother fears the upcoming birth. As a rule, the fears are mainly associated with pain, through which it will have to go through. That may suddenly went into labor, and does not see it being late at the hospital. That did not have time to fully prepare for childbirth.

Prenatal period is the last month of pregnancy. At this time the female body, adjusted to give birth, and the fruit is fully formed and ready to go into the light.
As a rule, pregnant once a week should visit their doctor. At each visit the doctor measures the uterus, listens to the baby's heartbeat and determines its position. Mandatory weighing and measuring blood pressure. In this period of pregnancy it should again make the US and to be examined by all experts.

Every mother expecting her baby in addition to fear, with the excitement and joy awaits the upcoming birth. The closer the timing of the expected appearance of the child, the closer the expectant mother listens to changes in your body and in the behavior of the baby. Typically, the precursors of many upcoming birth. This is all due to external and tangible changes in the mother's body:
Slightly lowered the stomach, and felt a sensation of heaviness,
Begin to appear small short bout, which will eventually increase,
Weight loss of 2.1 kilograms,
Quickens urination, or leaking amniotic water. Expectant mother, expectant mother for the first time, not even a suspicion that it is beginning to move away water. That is starting labor.
In some cases, there may be nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Thus, the body is cleaned before the forthcoming birth.
When you see all these signs I told staff on duty, since at the time I was in the hospital.

At the last stage of pregnancy, it is desirable to change your diet. Eliminate animal protein. The main diet should be porridge on the water, plant foods, baked vegetables, dairy products. On the day of the upcoming birth, if you already know what that moment arrives, it is advisable to abstain from eating. All this is due to the fact that during labor may have nausea or vomiting. Another not unimportant fact refusing food, after childbirth, it is difficult to go to the toilet, so it is desirable that the intestine was empty.

Mental attitude is very important women before delivery. This mood contribute walk in the fresh air, reading books, watching movies or children's cartoons. Communication with loved ones who can support in the last month. There are special courses to prepare for childbirth, which can be visited together with the Pope child. These courses are more pull together and help to cope with anxiety.

At the last stage of pregnancy is already to choose the hospital and doctor. Discuss the upcoming birth and your questions.
One of the most interesting questions in pregnant women is an enema before delivery and shave the lower abdomen. I discussed these issues with your doctor a few days before giving birth. As it turned out, all this can be done at home. If you do not have time, everything needs to be done in the hospital.

Yet its advantages in such training too. Shave your lower abdomen and pubic area is necessary. It is more convenient obstetricians, aesthetically pleasing. In case of emergency interventions, this procedure is a must. If the fight was caught unawares, you can ask the nurse. The main thing to take all the necessary supplies with them.

As for the enema, so no harm for it does not bear a. Just unpleasant process itself. In carrying out such a procedure has its advantages. Primarily because of hygienic aspect.
In the course of attempts to empty the contents of the intestine can thereby unpleasant sensations arise from the medical staff as well as the most giving birth. Thus, the fear may prevent maternity carefully straining. This complicates the process of labor.
The second most important fact in favor of enemas. After an enema, bowel for some time is left blank, thereby facilitating trips to the bathroom. Especially those who labors not without sutures.

In the prenatal period, have prepared the expectant mother fears associated with the upcoming birth less. Faced with this problem, I tried on the advice of a doctor soothing herbal. But it all individually.

In the prenatal period, it is important to listen to your body, do not be afraid of change being related to the upcoming training. Have time to mentally and physically prepare for the upcoming event, the birth of a child.

Emotional and physical condition is very important for the mother, because her behavior affects the health of the unborn child.
Take care of yourself!

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