Raise a healthy child will do homework! Pediatricians letter to parents

Raise a healthy child will do homework! Pediatricians letter to parents
Fever temperature soared all the way to forty degrees, cannot eat sleep well when they are sick, the children never reach the height and weight standards, constant arguing all day bounce is not hyperactive ...... are parents on the child's health care the face of many diverse network information, how to calibrate?
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Parents who have encountered almost confused when children are sick, often for the earnest attention from anxious relatives and elders: fever temperature soared all the way to forty degrees, cannot eat and sleep well when they are sick, height and weight of children never reached the standard, day bounce constant arguing is not hyperactive ...... parents on children's health care, in the face of the many diverse network information, how to calibrate?

The current Chief Minister of Health and Welfare, also played delay before Lin Chang Gung Children's Hospital, combined with over one hundred pediatric specialist, nutritionist, nurse and early childhood education experts, which lasted three years before the launch of the "Encyclopedia of Chinese parenting" is legislation based on the Chinese point of view, a lot from the experience of zero to six years of local childcare Books. In this thick book five hundred forty-four experienced team pediatrician outset suggestions to point out eleven healthy upbringing. Whether you are not a novice parents, are worth re-review again.

"Every child is in the eyes of parents, darling!" This sentence, in addition to the parents themselves, the most is that we can understand the pediatrician.

For pediatricians, the "pro-Jew, as the disease" is definitely not a slogan, but a heartfelt enthusiasm. When the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of children, we will each child as their own children and grandchildren to look to find the most appropriate medical approach, but at the same time, for our nation's next generation of society, we have to urge you as parents, These lessons do the following:

Raise a healthy child will do homework

A enrich health knowledge: reading childcare books reputable, to obtain the correct child health information, listen to parrot avoid rumors or spread unfounded are saying on the Internet.

Second, set an example, to develop healthy habits children: for example, the parents themselves would regular exercise, eat more vegetables, fruits, eat junk food, etc., because the child's imitation of strength is very strong, the parents of every move, they all look In the eyes of the future will evolve into their habits and behavior.

Third, the prevention of child suffers an accident: the first one - year-old child mortality rate of our country for accident injuries, accidents and accidental drowning which mainly parents for the accident and drowning prevention to be especially careful.

Fourth, the child must undergo regular vaccination: The vaccine is known to prevent the most effective method of malignant diseases. Alternative medical personnel abroad often spread "harmful vaccine theory" point of view, these are not withstand modern science syndrome! How, in the old days, there is no vaccine era, why such a high percentage of children who died? The history of those terrible deadly diseases: smallpox, polio, diphtheria, are gone?

Five, children should receive regular growth, development assessment and nutritional advice: children's growth, development is slow, sometimes is a normal phenomenon, but sometimes it is the characterization of the disease hidden. On the contrary, because some metabolic abnormalities, or malnutrition grow slower development of children, there may be more vulnerable to the disease. Not imprudent.

When a child is sick is changing rapidly, older smaller changes more quickly, especially if children have persistent vomiting, intense, eyes dull, slack, poor vitality, shortness of breath and other phenomena: six, always have to carefully observe the changes in a child's should be immediately taken to hospital, even if the middle of the night must immediately send emergency.

Seven, learn correct, organized children's narrative history: from the beginning of the key symptoms, tell your doctor when to start, and if more and more serious, which event (or other symptoms) accompanied, if there is a fever, body temperature must be. There is no similar symptoms in the past, such as which drugs used.

Eight fixed someone who can listen to the history, pediatrician carefully examined: the infant's illness for most colds, many common cold medicines in children who have not been proven to be effective, or only transient improvement in symptoms, so the correct diagnosis and take the time to explain the disease, may be more important than open a lot of prescription.

Nine, use of video or audio recording of 3C products: Some irregular symptoms, such as inguinal hernia (commonly known as the fall intestine), when the lower abdominal pressure, ran out of the intestines will return to the abdominal cavity, the symptoms will disappear, so that the doctor can not diagnosed, so the intestines went to the groin when the formation of lumps, the best video or photographic reference to the physician. Some skin rashes, diarrhea stool when, you can also look at the camera up to the physician; strange noises child breathing or coughing can also record up to the doctor-patient reference.

Ten, when parents want to do checks or using drugs, and physicians can frank discussion, but the final decision should be respected physician specialty: do not need to be treated with antibiotics such as colds, most also do not require imaging. Parents love children eager to open strongly urge doctors require antibiotics or chest X-ray photograph (chest) examination, is not appropriate, because antibiotics may affect the liver and kidney function, and cause bacterial resistance, and chest X-ray, although very small amount of radiation dose, after all unnecessary exposure.

XI, medication adherence back to the clinic: If the child's recovery than expected or new symptoms or medication side effects, and physicians should discuss.
"Geniuses" exists only in fiction and drama! Doctor of medicine again brilliant, not God, can not replace parents to bear the consequences of the disease. A child is sick, choose a famous physician, a long row of teams, two minutes to see the doctor, it is better to select a physician has a medical ethics can take to help children detailed examination, with you to explain, discuss. Finally advise parents to enrich health knowledge, develop good habits, good communication with physicians, continuing to track back to the clinic, so that children truly the only way to keep you healthy.

(This article is an excerpt from "Encyclopedia of Chinese parenting" in the <pediatricians give parents a letter>, parenting Jonesky)

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