Banana peels benefits as skin aging

banana peels for acne - Carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, potassium, and magnesium in banana are good for the body. However, who thought that if banana peels was able to keep all skin problems?

Goodbye Acne and blackheads
Want to immediately deal with acne? Make sure you massage the face and acne area with banana peels for 5 minutes, if you do it regularly, you will notice a considerable difference in a month.

Fade acne scars
If you have many acne scars on your face, trying to cope with banana peels. First, cut banana peels. Then, rub inside banana peels until the skin turns brown.

Repeat as much as three times a day. In addition to acne scars disappear, the skin will feel calmer.

Relieves Eye Bags
Tired and puffy eyes are truly disturbing. White fibers in the skin banana mixed with pure aloe can resolve the issue. Therefore, the potassium in banana peels can get rid of eye bags and efficacious aloe soothe and moisturize.

Make a paste of both the ingredients, roll the ball around the eyes and allow yourself to relax for 15 minutes. Afterwards, wash your face with cold water.

overcoming Wrinkles
Combat premature aging? You do this by mashing banana peels with egg yolks together. Try to apply them on a clean face and wait for 10 minutes. It could also rub inside banana peels on your face before sleeping and rinse with plain water in the morning. The key, do it regularly. Banana peels benefits as skin aging

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