Best celebrations in April around the world

Best celebrations in April in Europe

Best celebrations in April around the world

1.Den founding of the city of Rome. When the city was filled with the atmosphere of fun and joy when marching through the streets of the historical cortege, which comes ahead of the winner of the famous competition " Goddess of Rome ", then comes the birthday of the city.

Also on April 21 in Rome, you can visit the ceremony to light the sacred fire, which passes near the temple of Hercules.

2. Festival of Kites. In the Chinese city of Weifang April 20 can visit a memorable kite festival. This event was attended by more than 100 thousand people.

The festival is at the international level and gathers participants from 60 countries to demonstrate their mastery of each.

During the festival also organize large-scale trade fairs, competitions and concerts.

3. Tulip Festival in Istanbul.

Every year on the first day of April tulip festival begins. City residents and tourists wishing to plant tulips throughout the city. Main place of the event - Park emigrants , in which not only can admire the tulips, but also to see concerts and participate in contests.

4. Songkran in Thailand.

In a country of diversity and contrasts celebrate the new year on April 13-15 . On this day, the Thais do not decorate the Christmas tree and doused each other vodoy.Na city streets all stocking glasses for swimming, water pistols, and having fun with all his might.

5. Maritime Festival in Marmaris.

Another Turkish event held in April in Marmaris. The festival is a demonstration of ships from different countries. Also arranges boat races, sea professional performances, and more.

During the festival opening of the fair, put on concerts and local festivities. The festival starts on April 27th .

6. Night of Walpurgis.

This holiday is the exact opposite of Halloween. This day is dedicated to fertility and the sun.

In Britain and Ireland, April 30 people are dancing around the pole, which is decorated with ribbons. This pole is a symbol of new life and human strength.

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