bullying articles for middle school students

bullying activities for middle school students
Suppression at school or Bullying is violence or coercion to abuse or intimidate other children. This behavior can be a habit and involves an imbalance of social or physical power. This can include verbal abuse or threats, physical violence or coercion and may be directed repeatedly against particular victims, perhaps on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexuality, or ability. Actually bullying not only includes physical violence, such as hitting, grabbing, slapping, ask money, etc., but also can take the form of verbal abuse, such as swearing, mocking, gossiping, and the form of psychological violence, such as intimidate, isolate, discriminate. Based on a survey of bullying treatment, most victims reported that they were receiving treatment psychological harassment (underestimated). Physical violence, like being pushed, beaten, and slapped more prevalent among young men.

According to data from PACER Center (an organization that aims to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities), in the United States each year there are 3.2 million children who are victims of bullying, and more than 160,000 children truant every day because of trauma to the terror which they received at school.

Bullying as an act which disturb others, can be physical, verbal, or emotional. Bullying behavior is often seen as coercion or attempted physical or psychological harm against person or group who is "weak" by a person or group of people who perceive themselves more "robust".

Signs and Symptoms of Victims of Bullying

Appears physical bruises, scratches, or wounds that can not be explained. Shirt and torn or damaged luggage.
Psychosomatic pain is not specific, headache, abdominal pain, or appears canker sores.
Related Behavior fear when leaving school or home school. Change of route to school. Afraid to ride the bus or public transport. Ask to go to school. Do not go to school or lose the passion to learn. Lessons and school work began to degenerate. After school children are starving because Asking money ,  or forcibly requested by others. Ask for additional money or steal money to be given to estab-bully.
Change In Social Behaviour Total Friends reduced. Did not want to leave the house. Rarely invited friends to come to their home.
Visible indicators Emotional upset, irritable, unhappy, alone, easy crying, depressed, broke away from the environment, and depression. Suicidal thoughts and changes in mood or negative mood.
Alarming behavior changes occur Poor feeding or even overeating. Sleeplessness, nightmares, bedwetting, crying during sleep.
Health indicators are worsening Easily tired or diminished physical condition. Become easily susceptible to infections and disease relapse. Threatening or wanted to commit suicide

Characteristics of School Bullying also affects the school and society. Schools where bullying occurs is often characterized by

Students who feel unsafe at school
And the absence of a sense of not having a relationship with the school community
Distrust among students
The establishment of formal and informal gang as a tool to instigate bullying or protecting groups of the follow-bullying
Legal action taken against schools that performed by students and parents
The fall in the school's reputation in the community
The low staff morale and heightened stress jobs
Poor educational climate.

Perpetrators of Bullying

The main actors are the main actors who feel more powerful party and initiate violence both physically and psychologically to the victim
Perpetrators followers offender followers, such as the party which undertook the bullying by solidarity groups or solidarity, conformity, the demands of the group, or to gain acceptance or recognition group.
The witness Outside the offender and the victim there is actually a group of witnesses, where witnesses usually can only be silent to let the incident took place, did nothing to help the victim, and often support the treatment of bullying. Witnesses tend not to intervene due to the fear of being the next victim, the victims deserve to feel bullied, do not want to add to the problem or do not want to know.

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