NASA Reveals Mysterious Pyramid Photos on Mars

A robot belonging to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) named Curiosity recently sent a photo to the Earth, which shows a pyramid building forms contained on the planet Mars.

The photos were taken through camera shots of the robot. At first glance, is similar to pyramid building the great pyramids of Egypt.

However, some sources explained that the pyramid is actually only about the size of a car. Many also suspect that the pyramids are just some Mars rocks are unintentionally formed triangular building.

This phenomenon is directly inviting a wide range of responses from scientists and space enthusiasts phenomenon, most of them would say that the shape of the pyramid could be evidence of an extraterrestrial life on Mars.

Another speculation came from a YouTube channel ParanormalCrucible explaining that the pyramid is simply a result of intelligent design rather than a trick of light and shadow.
This is not the first time NASA has a mission to Mars expedition and even get a photo of the mysterious pyramid. Previously, many years ago, a giant pyramid in the region named `Cydonia` been found in the Viking missions in 1976.

The pyramid has almost 3 kilometers long and 1 kilometer high. This pyramid is named "D & M Pyramid ', referring to the name of two researchers, DiPietro and Molenaar.

However, although impressed complicated, it turns out geological formations such as the pyramids can also be found also on Earth. They are usually formed as a closed glacier or frozen because of the weather. Some examples are the Mount Assiniboine in Canada and the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

Unfortunately, all this is just a new interpretation of a photographic image. One way to settle the debate about whether the pyramid is actually happening in nature is to send a geologist to it.

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