reason Why Minions Love by All Age

reason Why Minions Love by All Age
Who does not like the character of Minions. Not only its funny, striking colors and behavior can arbitrarily make anyone laugh made.

Although the cartoon is not to watch the children, but many of those who love it. Not a few even children who laugh while watching this cartoon, seemed to understand when this yellow creatures in action.

According to Child Psychologist and Practitioner Theraplay, Astrid WE Napitupulu there are two reasons why this figure is so strong and imitated many children. Firstly because of its simple and funny movements. Second, because the language sounded interesting.

"Children will be pleased with the rhyme (sound) is a funny and easy to imitate pronunciation. As banana, bello (hello) and so on. It will be easily absorbed by children,".

As for adults, said Astrid, minions story is quite interesting because a lot of gimmick that is closer to everyday situations. Some scenes like vampires exposed to the sun scorched also tend to only understand adolescents and adults. To that end, the film minions are not intended for children.

Minions movie is not a children's film. But if already, what can we do, then the obligation of parents to mengiisi movie good value. Once watching a movie like this there is no serious impact, but that this film became a hobby and not filtered or discussed later, this could endanger your child, "

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