Cyber Bullying Facts And Statistics 2015

Cyber Bullying Facts And Statistics are the hot topic today. Cyberbullying This use of the Internet and mobile communications to violate anyone's mind. It is a form of bullying, with which you do not have to put up with. What is cyberbullying different from the usual bullying? This kind of bullying can cause serious harm to human social life not only in school, or at work but also at home, as when cyberbullying in the course are such technologies, mobile phones or the Internet. Since the incidence of cyberstalking is a virtual world, it has a non-stop nature and can cause a person to himself threatened in his own home. This kind of bullying implies the involvement of many people, many of whom do not even realize that they are the "persecutors". However, if the conventional types of bullying, the only evidence is your word against the word of the pursuer, when cyberbullying.

What if you were subjected to cyberbullying?

Store all your existing letters with threats. If your profile there are reports of bad content, sent by e-mail or other records, save them, so you can continue to use them as evidence. Save the text or voice messages to prove their words written evidence.
Learn how to block zapugivateley on IM or remove them from your contacts.
Try not to answer them, your reaction can only worsen the situation. If you do not respond, it is likely pursuers just get bored, and they will leave you alone.
If you are concerned about the coming of your text messages, contact your service provider. Each network has a special section for such problems. Check out their website or call for advice.
Tell an adult you trust, that you were subjected to cyberbullying. This could be your mother or father, a school teacher, aunt or uncle. If you tell them, they can help stop the persecution. Evidence saved you should pass an adult that you put in popularity.

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What if one of your friends undergone cyberbullying?

Do not send other people's pictures, posts or offensive comments. You can think of it as a joke, but this behavior can seriously hurt the feelings of the other person and even commit a crime! Reading such messages also helps increase the amount of cyberbullying.
In no case do not answer kiberpresledovatelyam! If you are concerned that someone you know is threatened or want to harm, offer him their support, or let someone from adult you trust about the situation. He can help.
You should always respect other people responsible for that email while on the web.

Cyberbully is an action where the actors act outside the limits to others by sending or posting material that to erode the credibility, insulting or doing social attacks in various forms. Attacks carried out by utilizing the Internet or digital technology, can be SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, chatrooms  etc.

The Internet world is not just a social network only. When we have a social networking account should also be understood correctly in order not misused by others. For the understanding of a healthy Internet use also needs to be done.
Facebook social networking could also be protected so that important identity can not be accessed by anyone. Including added sort who become friends. Often there is a request friendship from people we do not know. Sorting is important in order to be known immediately.

What is The cause of cyberbullying ?

he cause of cyberbullying may be because of resentment, anger or frustration. It could also be because the actors does not have a job, while the 'toy' smelling the technology widely available around they become idle and want to find a scene. Used to be, the perpetrators are people who in real life belonged 'not considered' or do not have the power, by doing cyberbully them feel how it feels to be "people in power". It is very harmful from the cyberbully is, people can feel protected behind the anonymity. cyberbullying facts 2015

Cyber Bullying Facts And Statistics UK

The level of Cyber bullying Statistics in UK is a growing trend and 7 in 10 (69%) young people aged 13 and 22 had experienced Cyber bullying with 20% of which had been very extreme. 37% of this experience bullying frequently. 20% also had underwent extreme cases and were twice as likely to be bullied in Facebook than any other sites, with 54% of people being bullied on this site. Hackett added that a young transgender is more likely to experience this than boys or girls. When scaled 1 to 10 to test the effect it brings to their self esteem with 10 being incredibly severe, 7.5 was the average. “It’s having a massive impact on young people and it’s ‘heartbreaking to read’.

Bullying and Cyber bullying Statistics in the United States 

Bullying is at its worst in middle school. The percent of middle schools that reported bullying problems is 44 percent. While 20 percent of high schools reported bullying problems and 20 percent of elementary schools reported bullying problems.

According to the most recent statistics by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, US Department of Health and Human Services, Cyberbullying Research Center, bullying continues to plague all our schools.

Students who reported being bullied at school: 37 percent.
Students who bully others often: 17 percent.
Kids who were made fun of by a bully: 20 percent.
Students who suffered from having rumors or gossip spread about them: 10 percent.
Kids who reported being physically bullied: 20 percent.
Kids who felt excluded from activities they wanted to participate in: 5 percent.
Students reported that 85 percent of the bullying occurred inside the school.
Other bullying incidents that occurred on school grounds, bus or on their way home: 11 percent.
Only 29 percent of students actually reported the bullying to someone at school.
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