christmas tree ribbon decoration tips for XMAS 2015

Xmas and new years is soon! How much time can you spend to decorate the house?  It's time to think about how to decorate you'r house, how to create a festive mood. Before everything comes you have to think hard theme of the most unique and different from previous years? Offer Ideas for a New Year's interior On which incarnation you will need: Christmas tree decorations (balls or any other Christmas decorations) Well, today im going to share about christmas tree ribbon decoration tips for XMAS 2015, may you have good preparation for the future.

Maybe you can make by yourself beautiful wreath, it's good idea but you have to have more time, because it need much time.

Take circle with a diameter of 20-30 cm (that there is in the house). Wrap it tightly green satin ribbon width of 1-2 cm, and then the green tinsel. You can just wrap the tinsel, but then the harder it will be to strengthen the decorations.

Then circle fix various ornaments. If in a hurry, you can assign to the pins with plastic heads. It will decorate the composition of the gold bows. White or silver ribbons.

Ideas for decorating the Christmas tree can be set. Last time, I prefer to decorate the Christmas tree different balls, and choose the balls of the same color (can be different shades) and is supplemented with gold, silver and white balls. A little bit of tinsel and sparkling Christmas-tree decoration bulb finish.

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Probably some of the following pictures can give you ideas, inspiration, or imagination for a better future!

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