DIY Christmas Decorations For Your Home Simple And Easy 2015

DIY Christmas Decorations For Your Home Simple And Easy 2015 - The Christmas trees They come in lots of sizes and shapes, but today wei will show how to make awesome craft decorations for Christmas decoration . Such trees convey the spirit of the holidays and get the purpose of making our holiday a little happier date. So, for all those who want to create a simple but original alternative to expensive natural Christmas tree, follow the step of the tutorial. Craft wreaths for Christmas

DIY Christmas Decorations For Your Home Simple And Easy 2015

What do we need to start?
- Cardboard
- Scotch tape
- White glue
- Water
- Stapler
- Scissors
- Brushes
- Wreaths lights
- Christmas ornaments

Christmas tree 1
As we said, we will show you three ways to do conceptual Christmas trees. The first is to use thread to decorate.
1 . Turn the cardboard into a cone.
2 . At the bottom cone incisions at intervals of about 1.5 - 2 cm. This is done to serve as a support and can stretch the yarn, as in the image.

3 . Pour white glue into a container with water until it has the consistency of milk. Dip the wire in the diluted glue and stretch it over the cone. Note that this will make the hands and the work table are clammy.
Four . When our creation as a tree is dry, you need to carefully separate paper cone "Christmas tree ". Put a little gift ribbon at the bottom and grápala part.

craft decorations for christmas ornaments beautiful and easy

5 . Place a garland of Christmas lights inside the tree. Hold it with clips and ready.

Christmas Tree conceptual 2

1 . We begin making a cardboard cone in the same way as the previous method. If you decide to create several Christmas trees, you can make them in different sizes. Instead of wool, we use a mesh you can buy in a store in combination with white glue and water as before. You can also apply the solution on the mesh with a brush while you put it in the cone.

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