how to make a christmas tree step by step Beautiful and different

Are you ready how to make a christmas tree step by step Beautiful and different? Today im going to show you amazing tips that may help you to decorate your Christmas day at home. Some enjoy theme at house for Christmas time.have you decorated tree for xmas in this year? put lights in plants and windows, and to put to use crockery decorated during this time. But, also, there are those who prefer the Christmas decorations less conventional and traditionalAnd seek new alternatives to acclimate original space without losing the feeling of Christmas, though in a more personal way.

Stacking bottles, slender trunks and cardboard tubes to each other can create a special triangular shape. Create a database with seven cardboard tubes, glass or plastic bottles, logs or other similar elements horizontally. Attach them with hot glue or caps on their sides, so do not open. Then place a much 6 elements interspersed in the "loins" of the first row. After standing 5, then 4, 3, 2 and ends with a last element. Read Also: » Artificial Christmas Trees Types Pictures of Decorated 2016

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