How to Making cheap Christmas ornaments with wool

How to Making cheap Christmas ornaments with wool - Whether for decorate your Christmas tree or any other area of ​​the home, Christmas decorations that we show today we will be great and for very little money.
With the procedure you are going to see in the following tutorial , You can make the Christmas ornaments you can think of; stars, trees, bells, hearts or other typical figure of these dates. before that please don't clam this image and tips is copyrigh from decorareciclaimagina

The materials we need are: Lana color we like (red it would be more appropriate), a polystyrene tray of those in which are packaged foods, white glue (mixed with equal parts water), sticks round wooden and a staff of a star (or whatever) previously drawn.

We started smearing the polystyrene tray with Vaseline or moisturizing body for the wool does not become attached to it. Then we mark the edges of the star with sticks and we are passing the wool inside and out as you can see in the picture. Later we will fill in circles and wool pressed with your fingers to stick it and lies flat. Before it is dry, we have to go removing sticks carefully in order to not stay stuck.

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