Hotel Burj Khalifa Fire Before New Year's celebrations 2016

New Year's Eve, Highest Hotel Burj Khalifa Tower Burned - DUBAI - A devastating fire swept luxury hotel near the world's tallest tower, Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), on New Year's Eve 2016. A total of 16 people were injured when the blaze melahahap parts of buildings Address Downtown Hotel.

The fire occurred a few hours before the UAE celebrated the New Year 2016 with a spectacular fireworks near Wellesley's tallest tower. Witnesses said flames devour up to 20 floors, while sirens wailed and helicopters hovered over the building.

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Hotel Burj Khalifa Fire Before New Year's celebrations 2016 . image via telegraph uk

Dubai police chief, General Khamis Mattar Al-Mzima, said all the five-star hotel occupants have been evacuated from the scene of the fire. Cause of the fire is unknown.
"All the people out," said Gen. Al-Mzeima. "Until the fire is extinguished, we will not have information on what caused the fire," he said.
"At least 14 people have been injured lightly, with one secondary injury, and another case of a heart attack as people pushing in the middle of the smoke," he continued.

An AFP photographer at the scene said the fire first appeared in the middle of the building. "Then down like lightning. People around him began to run frantically to get away, "he said.

"What's strange is that the fire had disappeared and then reappeared," said Mohammed al-Majed, an Arab tourists who were in the restaurant which bejarak one kilometer from the scene. "This (fire) is mainly concentrated in the middle of the building, "he added, as quoted by Sky New

Kenneth Flynn, a hotel occupants stated that, very great fire. "The heat was so strong, it was unbelievable. Then people started to panic, pushing each other and over the fence. And no fire alarm, "he said.
New Year's Eve party in 2016 in the UAE celebrated with fireworks as much as 1.6 tons. Photographs of the festive spirit that has been circulating on social media today....
You also can watch video Dubai hotel fire before the celebration of the new year 2016 via youtube. This is a terrible incident in history

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