Simple 18th Birthday Party ideas At Home and outdoor

Simple 18th Birthday Party ideas At Home - Do you want to create beautiful decoration for your birthday party? Despite the fact that 18 years - not a round number, this holiday is always celebrated in a special way. This is because the age of majority is considered to be: the law allows to marry, to vote in elections and formally even buy alcohol. How can I make such an important birthday memorable?

Adulthood with a small budget
Common to all prescription, how to mark the 18th anniversary, there is and can be. After all, what would a celebration depends on many factors:

Budget holiday
what company comes to visit,
Occupation birthday,

individual wishes birthday, etc.
When a student who lives in a hostel away from home and do not count on the support of parents, turns 18, he can make a memorable party with friends, having a very modest sum:

To go to a nearby park, ride a bike or roller, when talking about how to commemorate the 18th anniversary of the summer, or skiing and ice skating when winter birthday. You can take refreshments with you and have a picnic; This is true even for the winter - from a thermos and take something for tea that can be put in a backpack. Be sure to take with a camera and make a "visiting photo shoot."
Go to the beach (sea, rivers, lakes) and barbecue. If the barbecue - it's expensive, you can get sausages and vegetables on grill grate. The main thing - to grab the player to be able to dance, guitar or if fans will gather to sing.
To celebrate the 18th anniversary of the hostel, to invite a large group, but agree that instead of gifts, each will bring something to the table: a drink or a snack. In this embodiment, the most important thing - to find common ground with the commandant, he tried to get into position.

Choosing where to celebrate the 18th anniversary, it is best to rely on the company's tastes. Fans of live music can go to a concert of some of the local teams, and those who have their own group, and sometimes even the organized concerts in this day and congratulate their guitarist (vocalist, drummer etc.) on his birthday right from scene.

For girls and young people
How do I mark the 18th anniversary of the girl, if she does not want noisy parties? The fair sex, usually much more romantic than men, so maybe they do not want to holiday in a big way. In this case, they are satisfied:

bachelorette party with divination (fortune-teller can invite professional);
pajama party for girlfriends;
romantic stroll together with your loved ones - a trip on the boat, dinner on the roof of a skyscraper, riding;
photo session with close friends on the nature, calling a professional photographer, or you can rent a studio and to play in a period costume or in the images of favorite literary heroes.
Some of these young men and arrange entertainment, but they usually prefer something more extreme.

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