Bomb explosion in Jakarta alleged to suicide bomber

Bomb explosion in Jakarta alleged to suicide bomber- Eyewitnesses described the brutality that occurred in the area of ​​Sarinah, Central Jakarta, is the suicide bombings and firing blindly action as happened in the terror attacks in Paris late last year.

Meanwhile similar attacks reportedly occurred in the area of ​​Pal Merah, West Jakarta, which is located about 5 km from the explosion site in Sarinah, Central Jakarta. This news happening lie.

Antaranews eye view of reports in the field, the suicide bombing that killed at least three people and all of the three men are suspected suicide bombers.

"The culprit lot," said one witness officer of Bank Mandiri to antaranews guard at the site of events on Thursday.

Antaranews eye view of the report also shows that some people opened fire blindly, as happened in Paris attack years ago.

Witnesses said one of the perpetrators of dark skin and curly hair, carrying a backpack on his back. "He was wearing a vest," said an eyewitness.

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